CSO: Chief Social Officer Job Description

So what does a CSO do, anyway?  After searching a few top search engines, I couldn’t find any job descriptions for the title of “Chief Social Officer”, although I did find a partial writeup.  After creating a quickly-cobbled together first-ever CSO job description, I’ve decided to refine it and share it out, as a true CSO […]

The social networking hierarchy of needs

Last night I stumbled across (as opposed to stumbling upon) a year-old blog post that mentioned a web user’s hierarchy of needs, and immediately thought about recasting it as to climbing up today’s online social networking hierarchy of needs.  And after creating the items in the graphic below, I searched online today and found someone down under had […]

Social Web Awareness and Usage – How to Improve it?

Aunt Mabel from Peoria?  Her space is not myspace.  And her face is in a book of recipes or bird feeding tips, not poking her super friends on facebook.  Nearly everyone’s heard of facebook and myspace, but most people are not using these sites.  Really. But, keep marketing and sharing and soon everyone will discover the […]

Is there an officer in the room?

Okay, so without pretending that there will ever be a reporting structure of socially-networked people online, the musings here are going to assume that the reader *gets* the joke.  What joke?  The underlying one about the pompousness of an assumed Chief Social Officer – one who presides over, well, anything at all! Officers, for instance, […]