Everyone’s a Social Star!

Andy Warhol’s famous quote: “Everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes“ is now a quaint anachronism from the 20th century.  Thanks to the social internet, everyone is now capable of being continuously famous. Perhaps not world-famous, but famous among enough people around the globe.  Some personas will break out into mass stardom, assisted by traditional […]

What are Community Boundaries?

It is sometimes helpful to step back and look at some of the definition and assumptions around the foundational areas behind social media and social technology.  One of these is the notion of communities, which much exist as a precursor to social activities. A definition of social: the aspect of life that is lived in […]

TechCrunch50 wins the ratings race!

Over the last three days there have been two major startup demonstration events – DEMO and TechCrunch50. The presenters are among the top of the crop for this year’s startups (notwithstanding the ones we will showcase on Startup Rockstars!).  If you step back and realize the sheer volume of new tech ideas that are launching or […]