Online Social Capital and Influence

What is online social capital? It’s a new term that contains an older term. The wikipedia definition of social capital refers to gaining influence (access to power) “through the direct and indirect employment of social connections”. Offline capital has been around for thousands of years, and extends beyond personal into business, political, and religious. But […]

Do You Like Being Watched? The Uncertainty Principle and Social Media Marketing

How’s your online new media marketing going?  If you want to guess, fine.  If you want to observe and measure, that’s another story. Intended or otherwise, your own use of the pages & web properties does affect the measurement.  That usage would be minimal in most cases.  But want about the use by people who […]

The social networking hierarchy of needs

Last night I stumbled across (as opposed to stumbling upon) a year-old blog post that mentioned a web user’s hierarchy of needs, and immediately thought about recasting it as to climbing up today’s online social networking hierarchy of needs.  And after creating the items in the graphic below, I searched online today and found someone down under had […]

Social Web Awareness and Usage – How to Improve it?

Aunt Mabel from Peoria?  Her space is not myspace.  And her face is in a book of recipes or bird feeding tips, not poking her super friends on facebook.  Nearly everyone’s heard of facebook and myspace, but most people are not using these sites.  Really. But, keep marketing and sharing and soon everyone will discover the […]

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