Wisdom Of Our Personal Crowds – part 2

In the previous post in this series the subject of personal crowds was introduced, along with touching on how decisions are made both by individuals and by supposedly authentic online crowds. The original wisdom of crowds concept specified four key attributes for what could be called wise crowds: Diversity Independence Decentralization Aggregation It can be […]

The Wisdom Of Our Personal Crowds

Wisdom is defined as knowledge combined with judgement that allows us to choose the option that is best.  Certain crowds are said to possess wisdom, and given the proper tools this wisdom can be extracted (or created). Many people inherently believe and trust that crowds can decide better than individuals: judges’ decisions can be appealed […]

The Amazing Power Of Belief

The inspiration for this write-up is the Forer effect, which is the tendency for most people to identify with otherwise-general descriptions that are said to be about them.  In other words – if someone says we have various personality traits, we are inclined to believe them if the person says the description is truly about […]

Your Semi-Social Visitors

A lot of people won’t ever use Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or (insert your favorite social networking site here). Don’t piss them off. They’re visiting your website, watching your television show, or visiting your location. And they, like all of us, bring their own expectations about social experiences. The reasons behind being what could be called […]

Social Media Strategy

Do you have a strategy to effectively participate in and use social media?  Yes. Whether it is written, or not, if you are using social media then you have a strategy.  The key to excellence starts with how much time you devote to something, and this area is no exception. There has been advice out […]

Key Advice For Social Newbies

If someone were to start this year using social media in a serious way, what would they start with?  What would they think about all of the choices, all of the advice of “must” do activities, and the ever-growing list of supposedly important online personalities to follow? Hopefully they’d quickly learn about the concept of […]

Social Influence Monetization

Can you value your social activities? “Maybe“ is about the best answer possible now. An earlier post on online social capital and influence touched on managing it as an asset, and certainly there is an increasing awareness of the value of online social capital in business and personal life.  (This is not to be confused […]

What are Community Boundaries?

It is sometimes helpful to step back and look at some of the definition and assumptions around the foundational areas behind social media and social technology.  One of these is the notion of communities, which much exist as a precursor to social activities. A definition of social: the aspect of life that is lived in […]

TechCrunch50 wins the ratings race!

Over the last three days there have been two major startup demonstration events – DEMO and TechCrunch50. The presenters are among the top of the crop for this year’s startups (notwithstanding the ones we will showcase on Startup Rockstars!).  If you step back and realize the sheer volume of new tech ideas that are launching or […]