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Posted on March 31, 2008
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So what does a CSO do, anyway?  After searching a few top search engines, I couldn’t find any job descriptions for the title of “Chief Social Officer”, although I did find a partial writeup.  After creating a quickly-cobbled together first-ever CSO job description, I’ve decided to refine it and share it out, as a true CSO should.

The duties fall into what I’ve done, or will be doing, or should be doing, for the various organizations and individuals that I advise.  It uses “organization” and “enterprise” to allow it to work for both corporate positions and non-profit/political positions.  Feel free to use it, with attribution to this site:

Chief Social Officer Job Description

Primary Duties:

The above list of duties is just for starters, and any future updates will be linked into this post.

The CSO job requirements are another matter… and now the post takes a humorous slant.  Having read in the past many technical job experience requirements that were not actually possible for someone to have, this part was a pleasurable release to create.  Maybe it will help continue the trend of impossible requirements when a click-happy recruiter inadvertently uses this writeup below thinking it’s the real McCoy?   And, remember this is early 2008, so maybe in a few years this list can become the norm:

CSO Job Qualification List:



For now, we can leave out the ability to leap a two-story building in a single click.  And yes, I can count to five (see final bullet above if you didn’t catch it).


2 Responses to “CSO: Chief Social Officer Job Description”

  1. Jesse Stay on March 31st, 2008 5:46 am

    Excellent description! And thanks for the link! It will be interesting to see the new job titles that come out of this new era of Social Networking and Social Media.

  2. marita roebkes on July 2nd, 2008 7:49 pm

    Perhaps not the title CNO but a great step in the right direction: Social Network Executive

    Allstate Appoints Desiree Rogers to Create Social Networking in Growing Financial Services Division

    Allstate has appointed Desiree Rogers as president of social networking for Allstate Financial business unit. She’s set to report to the Allstate Financial business unit’s president and CEO, Jim Hohmann.

    Just found it on Yahoo.

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