Definition of Social Media

Posted on July 25, 2008
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In trying out the new Knol collaborative platform, I took a stab at defining Social Media. There were no search results for that term when I first tried it out, and in general as a new service Knol has a lot of opportunity for people to contribute. The definition-writing took about an hour or so. As with all collab-type efforts, it’s only version 1.

I also added in some information about social media marketing. Which is, of course, what the post on Knol is doing. In trying this platform and others (especially new ones), there is the opportunity to further build on the brand, which in this case is myself, providing illuminative Chief Social Officer advice for the entire world. (Or, at least those who are online.)

Below is an extract and a link to the definition on Knol:

Social Media

When content interacts via relationships & sharing to influence even itself

What happens when you take stand-alone media and add sharing and collaboration? The result allows participation and conversation which builds new meaning around the content.

Social media can be explained as a term in several ways, and also expanded by its use in terms such as social media marketing and social media consultant. This writeup starts first with some elementary definitions, and then goes to examples, to allow an understanding of this term.

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