Is there an officer in the room?

Posted on March 21, 2008
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Okay, so without pretending that there will ever be a reporting structure of socially-networked people online, the musings here are going to assume that the reader *gets* the joke.  What joke?  The underlying one about the pompousness of an assumed Chief Social Officer – one who presides over, well, anything at all!

Officers, for instance, are typically elected, and have a term of office.  This website & blog does not fit that category, except in the event that it closes down.  A typical officer reports ultimately to the Chairman of the Board, and the Board of Directors reports to stakeholders or shareholders.  We’ll have none of that here, either!

What we will have is a vision that evolves, with an aligned strategy, for effective social interaction and communication that is enabled by technology & by people.  And humor.  Effective humor to make this all pontification more digestible.  Like how your stomach gets all happy when you eat your favorite food and you can listen longer to Aunt Edna droning on about “those kids these days and their electronic gizmo’s”  (and she doesn’t know you’re fiddling with your mp3 player in your pocket while you’re listening to her).

So, no ‘officer‘ in this room.  Only a huge, larger than life, out on a limb, gregarious ‘Officer‘ to lead the merry crowds towards social nirvana.  Or at least away from Aunt Edna.


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