Top Social Trends For 2016

Posted on January 1, 2016
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Happy New Year!  And happy to continue with content and information here on social media trends


Starting the year with the trends which are… trending:

  1. Live Video: Periscope, Hangouts, Meerkat, blab, and others are becoming key for both entertainment, and for business. And how cool it is to have live video in 360′ (degrees) will get deserved attention.
  2. Post vs. Message: Like Alien vs. Goliath vs. Godzilla vs. Whatever:
    1. Messages: social will grow with more messages on more messaging platforms.
    2. Posts: The content marketing evolution continues, such as withFacebook’s Intstant Articles, and separately the overall push towards sharing in private groups.
  3. VR and AR social: the era of virtual reality and augmented reality is leaping forward, with the HoloLens and Oculus products being rolled out in larger numbers this year.  And it’s more fun to mess with reality, and perhaps required, when you are doing it with others.

Want to know more?  There are lots of solid posts, like this one,  and this one, about social media trends for 2016.

And overall, the age of attention is being replaced by the age of engagement.  That is, beyond wanting your attention, people will want and value your engagement.  Besides, what’s better: knowing about a fact, brand, or person… or engaging with them?


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