Your Semi-Social Visitors

Posted on May 26, 2009
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A lot of people won’t ever use Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or (insert your favorite social networking site here). Don’t piss them off. They’re visiting your website, watching your television show, or visiting your location. And they, like all of us, bring their own expectations about social experiences.

The reasons behind being what could be called “semi-social” are varied, and include:

So, your choices on how to handle these miscreants – um, miscellaneous users – include:

We’re all semi-social and even non-social during the course of a given day. So, it is easy to understand the mindset of someone who is routinely less social online. That is, if you can stop posting for a moment and ponder about them.

Times Square, New York City (2009), slightly altered. © 2009


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